Why Do People Covet?

Why Do People Covet?

Ady is a wise individual, has travelled the world, and has original ideas…and strongly feels that many people around covet what Ady has to do. Below is the conversation about it with the Higher Self during a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session.

A: Why do people covet what Ady has to do?
HS: They are not visionaries. They don’t have original thoughts. Ady’s creative mind and spirit propels Ady to embrace adventure that set out before Ady. Even though they have the opportunities, they can’t do it without copying or taking what Ady has already accomplished.

A: Does this affect Ady?
HS: It’s the malicious intent behind it that harms Ady, that when Ady gladly freely shares what Ady has or wants to do.

A: Can you help Ady to feel less stressed when people do this?
HS: Yes. I will remind Ady that we are all spiritual beings looking for the same joy.

A: Will you continue to remind this to Ady?
HS: Yes.

* Name and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of the individual.