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I offer all new clients a 15 minutes free and no-obligation consultation. We do it through an online video call using Zoom. You can choose a day and time in from my calendar on this link: 

Hypnotherapy involves guided relaxation and deep concentration to achieve the state of trance. This is an enhanced state of awareness in which you will temporarily ignore what is going on around you and will be more open to receive positive suggestions which will help you take actions to improve your life such as letting go of undesired behaviour or limiting belief.

HypnoFit® is the world’s first and only Global Hypnotherapy clinic, with hundreds of certified hypnotists and 18 Hypnotherapy clinics across the globe, from Australia, New Zealand, U.K. to U.S.A & Canada. HypnoFit® helps you to take control of your mental, physical, and emotional wellness. Ana Munir is the first licensed HypnoFit® clinic partner in Canada. She is located in Hamilton, Ontario and offers online and in-person sessions.

HypnoFit® has introduced effective methods of hypnotherapy that are results-oriented and customized for the specific needs of each client. HypnoFit® programs have helped thousands of clients worldwide for various issues including stress, anxiety, fear, depression, smoking, weight, body image, stuck emotions, and limiting beliefs.  HypnoFit® do not offer a temporary band-aid to the problem. We are committed to address the root cause of the problem and provide a minimum possible timeframe and cost of the therapy program upfront in the free consultation call. 

Most of my clients receive the complimentary consultation and the therapy sessions online via Zoom from a comfortable place anywhere in the world. Only QHHT session is in-person.

No, and this is good. This means that I have 100% focus on you during the session instead of diverting my attention to complete the paperwork insurance companies require for payment to the practitioners.

No. Your sessions with me are completely non-judgmental. The details you share will be kept confidential.

No. The idea of swinging a pocket watch likely originated from old Hollywood movies which gave the character a mysterious look. I may ask you to concentrate on a point above your eye level. This ‘Eye Fixation’ will be helpful in attaining concentration and focus that are important ingredients for a successful hypnosis induction. However, there is more to inducing hypnosis than simply looking at a point or a swinging watch.

All sessions are designed to assist you to move towards your goal as quickly as possible. Each session will compromise positive therapy and a period of hypnosis where you’re put into deeply relaxed state. During the hypnosis you will be aware of your surroundings, what is happening and be open to receive to positive suggestions.

No, you will be in absolute control. You will be aware of your surroundings, what you are doing and what I am asking you. Your subconscious mind will guard you from accepting suggestions or doing anything that is against your values or ethics. vestibulum quam.

The number of sessions varies for each client depending on their needs. I will ask you some questions during your free consultation call to get better understanding of the issue you are facing and your goal. Based on your answers and my analysis, I will then recommend a customized program to achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

Your 100% commitment will help achieving your goal. You will regularly attend your weekly sessions and also complete some simple tasks that will help facilitate the change you are looking for.

QHHT/BQH Quantum Healing

The purpose of working with the Subconscious is always to help an individual to the greatest extent possible in whatever capacity possible. The Subconscious knows everything there is to know about an individual and the life they are living now, so one of the first actions QHHT/BQH Practitioner takes is to ask the Subconscious the questions an individual has about their own life. Obtaining this information provides individual comfort, support, and greater understanding in many different areas of their life. The Subconscious will only choose to share information that is appropriate at the time and information that will only be of benefit to the individual.

The Subconscious can identify any physical problem it detects within the body to a QHHT/BQH Practitioner and explain the causes for its presence, be it from the current life or a past life. The Subconscious is then asked if it is suitable for healing to occur, which, if it is, is done instantaneously with no medication, surgery or pain involved. It is important to know that that healing can only occur if an individual wants to be healed and if it does not interfere with the goals of their lifetime.

Usually, one session is very enlightening. You may choose to have more sessions to explore more ideas and answers whenever you want.

Usually, one session is enough. This is completely client’s own choice to have another session. I suggest at least three months gap.

Yes. You can surrogate for underage children or someone with mental disorder or who cannot communicate clearly.

Anything that you want to ask. Some examples of common questions are: What is my life purpose? What is my contract with my spouse? Why did this experience happen to me? Why I got this physical ailment? Will the Higher Self heal this illness? Guidance on job, life, children, etc.

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Past Life Regression

You will be in a deeply relaxed state and be aware as I guide you through the journey . You’ll be answering my questions and remember most part of it. I will also provide you the audio recording of the session so that you can listen to it later.

Your subconscious mind will make that decision for you and choose the life that you should visit during your regression. It takes you to that life where you can find the answers of your questions.

Are you looking to find your inner Universe? To build up health, strength and confidence?