Before, During and After QHHT/BQH Session

Duration and Format of the Session:
Duration of a session may be up to 4 hours. Sessions are available by appointment only. QHHT session is administered in-person only. BQH session can be administered in-person or online depending on your choice. Usually, one session is enough and additional session is administered only if necessary. All sessions are private and confidential. Audio recording will be provided to the client after the session.

How to Prepare for the Session?

  • Your role in the session and healing is very important. Make intention that you will have a clear and direct connection with your Higher Self that provides healing and significant guidance that helps in the best way.
  • Prepare a list of question which depending on your situation may include physical ailments, spiritual and emotional issues, family matters, addictions, fears, unexplained phobias, career, life purpose and more.
  • Refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages or recreational drugs 72 hours before the session.
    Cut back caffeine on the day of your session. You may take herbal tea.
  • Eat well before you arrive for the session. There is no lunch break. You are welcomed to bring snack for yourself if you feel that you need to eat something before the hypnosis part of the session.
  • Wear clothes that are loose fitting and comfortable.
  • Relax your mind and body for better results.
    This is best if you meditate the day before and on the appointment day.
  • Avoid any busy schedule before and after the session if possible.

What to Expect During the Session?

  1. The whole discussion is between you and me only, nobody else is permitted to be present during that time.
  2. If someone is driving you to the appointment, they will have to leave. They can come pick you up after the session.
  3. Interview: During first part we will chat together to learn about you, your physical issues and desired healing, and the key people and events in your life. We will also review the list of questions you have prepared for your subconscious / Higher Self.
  4. Hypnosis: The hypnosis part is up to 2 hours long. You will be in somnambulistic state (deep theta state which we all experience everyday just before falling asleep and just before waking up). First, visualization techniques will be used in which you will experience scenes from past life or current life or life in parallel universe; or you may experience scenes as an observerÔÇŽsomething that Higher Self will show to teach about your present journey and there is a message for you. After that, we will have a clear connection with the Higher Self to get the answers to your questions and healing.
  5. Debrief: After you are back to full wakefulness, we will discuss your experience and the information received from the past lives and the Higher Self.

What Happens After the Session?

  • Ground yourself and drink lots of water to flush the toxins released through this deep self-healing work.
  • I will send you an email with a link from where you can download the recording of the session.
  • Listen to the recording often. Those who listen to their recording often continue to receive the healing and gain insights that they may not have observed during the session.
  • Have gratitude for the physical healing and the consciousness shift that has taken place, and the amazing ability of your body to heal itself.

I offer in-person QHHT and BQH Sessions in Hamilton, ON, Canada. You can book an Online BQH with me from anywhere in the world and have the session at the comfort of your home. Click a link below to choose a date and time that suits best to you.

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In-Person Session

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