My session with Ana was wonderful. She has an incredibly refined healing energy. It is subtle, yet deeply powerful, with its strength and completeness building throughout the session. Ana’s demeanor is very similar to the healing energy I experienced. She is kind, easy to talk with and you can sense immediately you are with someone who cares deeply for you and the space she is creating. I received a huge unexpected healing from her, one that goes very deep. While it will take time to unravel the complexity of what she was able to assist me with, I am eternally grateful for the opening and for being placed in such capable hands. I can recommend Ana without any hesitation, she is skilled in her work but most importantly, she has a huge heart. Thank you Ana!


Monica, USA

Ana was very welcoming and made me feel comfortable right away. She took the time to fully understand all of my questions, no judgement at all. Ana is a very deep and kind soul, a true healer. It was a very unexpected but enlightening experience. Thank you Ana for this wonderful session!


Kelly, Canada

I am finding HypnoFit® sessions very insightful. I realized during the breakthrough session that the underlying reason of my lack of confidence was the limiting belief related to body image which was imposed on me by others. It was an AHA moment. I am already excited about the progress that will be achieved in the upcoming sessions.


Sam, Canada

Truly an amazing quantum healing experience with Ana!
It was exactly what I needed and I felt myself floating almost like i was levitating which has never happened before so I know her energy helped me to relax and trust the process. Beautiful energy exchange and so patient which truly helped me feel safe and comfortable and not rushed. I loved my session and I felt so good after like something lifted off me and i felt soooo good!


Victoria, USA

Magical Experience
I never would have discovered my purpose had it not been for the BQH session i had with Ana. She was so patient and professional at facilitating the process of connecting with my high self and accessing invaluable, life-changing information.
I am externally grateful !!!!


Sierra, Canada

A wonderful and companionate healer.
Ana is a wonderful and companionate listener, she connects and respond deeply from the heart. My session with Ana was both profound and filled with joy. I highly recommend her work for anyone seeking deep insight and healing at a core level.


Mai, Canada

Amazing healing!!!!
Ana has such a sweet and tender energy! I’ve experienced a few other sessions and this experience was completely different than my others. I instantly started to feel the healing once she began the induction. Whether this is your first BQH session or you’ve experienced this healing modality previously, Ana has the most soothing voice and will have you completely relaxed the minute she begins. I highly recommend connecting with her. You really feel her authenticity. I can’t even put into words how good I felt when we finished. Thank you so much Ana !!!


Tiffany, USA

Great session. Ana, is really good at focusing in on the important things and has great knowledge. I felt in really good hands.


SJ, United Kingdom

Insightful Experience
My BQH Session with Ana was most enjoyable and insightful. I received much clarity and healing. Ana facilitated the session in a warm, gentle and supportive way for for which I am very appreciative. Thank you, Ana.


A. F., Australia

I have been working with Ana a few weeks now and the progress I have made on many of my issues is wonderful. I cannot wait to see what my future sessions hold. Ana is by far one of the best hypnotherapist I have come into contact with, she know how to get to the issue and fix it.


Stephanie, USA

I had no idea what to expect at this QHHT session apart from what I read. I did watch a few videos from other people who had taken the session ahead of time which helped prepare me a little.

Doing this session for the first time was a daunting experience BUT Ana was amazing. She put me at ease and explained the process. I did not feel any rush to hurry up. She is a great listener and made me feel very relaxed.

I have always been very imaginative as a child but I didn’t even realize I could visualize things in my mind anymore. It was quite refreshing to know and see when the mind is calm and relaxed what is possible.

She went through the session with me afterwards too and while I was not happy with the things I had to know, I knew they were for the better good. The changes I had to make were immediate and not very difficult at all. It is just having the will power to continue so listening to the voice recording every so often is very important.

I would definitely recommend Ana if you needed to heal or wanted to improve yourself. She will guide you if you have no idea. A very warm soul.

I was sweating by the end drank 2 bottles of water to replenish myself!! I never imagined that could happen.


Harjeet, Canada

This was the first time I ever tried Reiki. I have a lot of stress and this causes me severe lower back, head aches and shoulder pain. Ana first explained to me everything in detail as to what Reiki is and what to expect from the sessions, which was very nice since it was clear to me as to what to expect during the session. I must say I was a bit anxious but as it went on, I felt warm, calm and comforted. When I had the next session I felt very relaxed and at peace and could feel the positive energy being transferred from her to me. The soft music, her gentleness and the way she conducted her sessions made me so relaxed. I would recommend Ana to anyone looking for Reiki.


Jackie, Canada

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