Oral Hygiene

Every Life Lesson Matters – Importance of Oral Hygiene

My QHHT client has a beautiful smile with healthy white teeth. During the past life regression part of the QHHT hypnosis session, client saw herself as a middle aged man. She immediately noticed that he did not have good oral hygiene. The man had a beautiful life and sons. Client was pleasantly surprised that man with compromised looks had a beautiful family. When explored further, it turned out that, that man’s mother did not teach him about how to clean teeth in that life time.

It appears that this soul chose the experience of insufficient oral hygiene or the soul learn the lesson of importance of cleanliness. After coming out of the hypnosis client told that in the present life, dental hygiene is one of her top priorities and she is always concerned about the health of her teeth.

* Name and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of the individual.