Past Life as a Fish and Talking to Mermaids – Part 2

This is part 2 of the Past Life Regression part of a QHHT Quantum Healing session. Client’s Subconscious / Higher-Self chose for her to see her life as a small fish in the ocean. This ocean was in a world long time ago which now does not exist.

Part 1 of the story is published on this link: Past Life as a Fish and Seeing Singing Creatures – Part 1

A: Do you know someone else there? Some other creatures whom you belong to?
C: It is like I know everybody around, because it’s like these are the creatures that I see regularly…because this is something that I do you know…this is like home… like all of this where I am in the water… but I don’t know where my family is.

A: What do you eat?
C: Just like plants.

A: Do you get some sleep?
C: No…I don’t think so…I stop and rest but don’t know about sleep.

A: Is there a specific place where you stop and rest?
C: Yeah, I have a home somewhere.

A: What your home looks like?
C: So, it is like a smaller… almost looks like the inside of a big shell.

A: What it looks from the outside what colour is that?
C: It is like a…sort of pink, light pinkish sort of salmon-y colour and white. I am some flecks of like brown and gold almost on it. The inside is more like pearly whiteish.

A: Is someone else in the shell…in your house?
C: Not right now.

A: Who else is there when you’re resting there?
C: I have like…it feels I have a family….I have an awareness that there is more…like large number…about seven or eight that come there.

A: They are all of your size?
C: Yeah.

A: So, what your house looks like from the inside? What you got there?
C: Well, it is at the bottom of the water and so there’s like salmon things in in there…but there is also…there is always little almost like rocks things…but they are really sparkly ones that are in there. And you know some plants that are growing in it too.

A: Is it a comfortable place?
C: Yeah! It feels good.

A: Do you know the name of the ocean where your house is?
C: No

A: Alright, that is okay. So, what you do most of your time?
C: I just swim around! And I am just so happy being in the water.

A: Do you have any schooling?
C: No but that cave, where I went to where those creatures were singing, I go to every day. And I talked to all the other creatures you know. When I was there…there was like… the mermaids were there too. And I spend a lot of time talking to them.

A: How many mermaids were there.
C: There is a group of them, I think there were four or five.

A: Do you talk to them also?
C: Yeah.

A: What do they look like?
C: So, they are bigger than I would’ve thought that they would be. REALLY LONG!! They are more like…you know it is not so much like the pictures… they got more like….it is not just their tail…they have more fish like kind of covering on them. So, it is really just more of their shoulders and their head, and their arms that look more human but REALLY LONG. Like longer than a human in some ways…

A: What is the colour of their body?
C: Like REALLY WHITE…. almost but not like….it doesn’t almost look like human skin… it is like I don’t know like whites kind of…. like shiny sort of.

A: Does it look beautiful?
C: Yeah! It almost looks like…like there is a light inside of them.

A: What their hair looks like?
C: It is not like human hair. It is more kind of like…umm how to explain it…like it is thicker strands of it and then it is a kind of bramble-y…. so it doesn’t look like human hair. It is just different, but it is hair….it is long.

A: What their face looks like?
C: That is the weird thing because they are really LONG…. like their arms things…but their faces are really quite a bit smaller in comparison. It is like….so the faces are more similar in some ways to human…just very sharp like kind of…. like even the nose is kind of…like everything very sharp and the mouths are a little different.

A: What is the colour of their skin on the upper body and face?
C: Well that’s the part that, that is white.

A: Okay, face is white And what their fins and the rest of the body looks like?
C: Well there are different colours. One of them has….it is like ummm…it is actually quite beautiful! It is multi-colored…almost like diamond-y pattern sort of on it. And in a few different colours like there is black and there is white in there… and there is some yellow and even some like more deep… like Blues. Another one is just mostly like it is darker…more like brown kind of… like that sort of colour. One of them has more like silvers and whites. And then the other one has more like kind of…a money kind of green sort of…look like almost like green but there’s some flecks of the green in it. And there is more again like brownish kind of grayish tones.

A: Do they speak like human.
C: No

A: Do they have their own language?
C: Yeah…it is more just they…. I don’t even know how…. they don’t really communicate…like there is no sound but they communicate…. like I can…you know understand them.

A: Like telepathic?
C: Yeah, kind of.

A: What do you talk to them about?
C: Well, they tell me what they see, because they’re able to go…you know to places that I can’t go. And they go up to the surface of the water and above… and I I don’t… so they tell me about the things that they see. And what they tell me it doesn’t even sound like… so I don’t know where this water is that…like I don’t because what they’re describing doesn’t sound like anything I recognize.

A: What do they describe?
C: They say that above the surface of the water… when they come up… there is a space and then… it is like there is an atmosphere of like red castles… and then far off they see there is like… there is land it’s very like rocky almost.

A: Those are interesting stories!
C: Yeah.

A: You like that?
C: Well, there is…. I can’t see any of that for myself right….so but the way they communicate to me, it is almost like I can see it you know.

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* Name and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of the individual.