Life as an Astronaut in Another Dimension

Life as an Astronaut in Other Dimension

This life regression experience was explored as part of a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session. This subject did not have much interest in the astronomy before, and seeing herself as an astronaut on a star took her by surprise.

Question: I will count to three, on the count of three you will be at your destination. One, two and three.
Subject: It looks like one of those pictures of moon. Sky is black. Surface is white. I don’t get a sense of what is behind me, but in front of me as far as I can see the sky is black. I don’t know if the ground is white or is it shining because of some other moon. That’s weird. Yeah, there is moon up there. This place, I think this is not moon…haha. The moon is shining up there (on the left). The ground is shining because of the moonlight.

Question: Just notice if you have a body in that space?
Subject: I have a costume.

Question: So you feel your body but wearing a costume?
Subject: Yes. I am getting the image of the costume that astronauts wear. I don’t know if I am an astronaut, but I am getting the image of the costume. It feels like I am wearing something bulky. There is something above my head like those astronauts have. It is white.

Question: Step a little bit outside of that body and look at it from the exterior. Or you can see everything. And you will be able to tell me what it looks like.
Subject: Yep! It’s an astronaut. There is something behind him. Such like small spaceship. I don’t know what’s that. It’s just like one man can sit inside. But he knows that he had to come here. It’s not like you accidentally got there. He knows.

Question: Okay so he’s there on a mission?
Subject: This place is unfamiliar to him. He was exploring, he just took a ride there…haha. He just went to see what is going on there…just took a ride.

Question: And now you’re looking at him from the outside. Does he have a human shape?
Subject: He is wearing this costume, I don’t know.

Question: So you can step back in the body now and you can feel what this body is.
Subject: Yeah! It is like his legs and arms…may be bigger arms.

Question: So let’s see what does he want from this place he is visiting?
Subject: He just wanted to explore…like a young careless guy…haha…wanting to just explores what’s out there….like, okay let’s go to this place, what is going on there…haha

Question: I wonder if you can take that head cover off? Can you breathe?
Subject: No, it should not be taken off. You got to be careful when you go to other stars or places because you don’t know what kind of atmosphere is there. This costume is for protection. And you know he’s carefree, so it is better that he keeps wearing this…haha. This is enough for him to be careless when exploring this territory…haha. Maybe nobody had been there, but you know…

Question: So tell me looking at this territory around him, what does it look like?
Subject: Haha….he is just exploring and came here. It’s just okay. It’s just you can see black sky and it is night time. Don’t know what this place looks like in the morning, but this moon is shining so there is light. The light is on the ground as far as you can see. He is not going far from his ship. It’s small you know. He thought to explore but again he is careful not to leave his ship…haha. Not to go far.

Question: Why don’t you go in the ship now? Now notice what you see inside that ship.
Subject: Small but not too small. There are lots of buttons, and a windscreen. It feels like there is red-ish light inside. It is for one person to ride. Controls are on the front. The machinery that makes the ship move is on the back.

Question: What does he need to do?
Subject: He likes exploring. Just goes from one place to another. He is just too careless. No, I mean he is responsible but just likes to roam around by himself. He does not like the rules… just take your ship and go exploring.

Question: So let’s go back to the place where he lived with his family. Tell me where they live? Tell me about the place he come from?
Subject: It is not too big, but it is like the shape of you can say half circle. It is like there is ground around it. It is in the hill but it is made of some metal. (somewhat like Hobbit house from the outside, an entrance into a hill)

Question: And he lives there with the family?
Subject: This place has some people but he does not relate to anyone. He kind of does not fit in. It feels like all others are related. He is just energetically different. He cannot claim relationship energetically.

Question: How so? Could you expand on that?
Subject: He is a man of his own mind. Man of his own. He does not relate to anyone. He makes his own rules…makes his own success. He grew up with the sense of being…the sense of his own pride. He does not need anyone else to tell what he has to do…he finds it himself.

Question: Could you tell me how he looks like in this place without the suit?
Subject: I don’t get an image of him but it feels that, that place has kind of a control room. There’s white light. Some people are working….some work is going on. We go and come back to this place.

Question: What work is he doing?
Subject: Right now just roaming…haha. This place is like a data centre. There are aisles with shelves where information is stored. Some information is stored here and then provided to other places (planets).

Question: We are moving to an important day in this person’s life when something important is happening. One, two and three and you are there now. Tell me what’s happening?
Subject: He is going towards his ship…to go somewhere. It seems that he went somewhere, and ship collided with something, and it crashed.

Question: So his ship collided with something and crashed?
Subject: Yeah. Some objects were spread in the space and ship hit with one. Now he is gone. I see there is an explosion. He died in an instant. He went into an unknown territory. There was debris of rocks because of some meteor collision. He was speeding (but that is how you move in the space), and crashed into a solid rock. It was an accident; he didn’t know there was debris on his way. There was an explosion in the front and centre part where he was sitting.

Speaking with Subconscious / Higher Self

Question: May I ask why did you bring her the life of that man roaming in his spaceship wearing that suit?
Subject: She’s a weirdo….she was a weirdo in that life…haha. She just went everywhere on her own like on that planet. That young man who just had his own life, his own mind. Not in a bad way. He just felt that he does not fit in there, and he was just exploring other places ALL by himself where it was not safe for him to go like that. So we did not show her more energies associated to him there because she has the tendency to overthink. So it was just to show her that it is okay to be weird…she has always been weird…haha. She has always been on her own. That is the purpose of this soul to explore by herself…to explore life by herself.

Question: Thank you. So she wants to receive and integrate the talents and gifts from other dimensions and past lives to help others in this present life. Can this be done?
Subject: Haha… This is cutest to be okay with your loneliness…haha. Well imagine that was also a gift to be lonely. You don’t have to follow those rules. You don’t have anyone to dictate to you. So, she’s in the perfect place and time. Nobody rules her. Nobody tells her what to do. So that is the biggest gift. The most powerful you are when you’re on your own, and you know how to do things. So, she has all her tools to survive and being alone. She has created her own systems.
She’s happy with that. So that is one gift. She thought that it is taking a toll on her mind and body of being lonely. But yeah, it was tough because the life she was going through was very tough, very difficult. She came here to experience that but now that same loneliness is her gift. That is her talent. No one else knows how you could be strong and intelligent while you’re all on your own. She’s going to be good by herself. Yeah, that’s one gift of hers.

Thank you for reading.
Love and Peace.

* Name and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of the individual.