• Regrowing the knee cartilage

Regrowing the knee cartilage

The QHHT client had gotten the knee cartilages removed many years ago. She wanted to ask the Higher Self if they can straighten her knees and regrow the knee cartilage.

A: She wants to know can you please regrow the cartilage in her knees?
HS: Yes. This will take time. She has to listen to the recording and she has to make time everyday for a month to allow this to regrow. And yes her knees can straighten. Now she feels like her legs are very very ugly. And there is a lot of anger got stored in her legs. And she can now not get distracted so yes we can take that fat away. That will also take time because she needs to be in agreement. She needs to be in the space to do it but we can definitely do that for her. Because we are not concerned that there will be anymore distractions. We can do the hip bones in, but just a little one n half two inches. That will also take time. You know there is 3D heaviness so I am setting the tone of this to take place. The whole thing will be a month. She just wants to show off in the world in a way that expresses who she is and we are fine with that. She will feel better walking around that way as well. She has to love what she eats. She has to love her body, it is absolutely crucial. She will hear this on recording, this is absolutely crucial or nothing will happen. Everyday she listens to this recording and as part of that she will open to that work that will be done on her for the things we just talked about.

* Name and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of the individual.