Where Is The Money?

Drew is a sweet and gentle soul challenged with forgetfulness. A relative had to travel out of town and gave Drew some cash amount requesting to keep at a safe place. With all good intention, Drew put the money at a place which appeared to be safe. After some days Drew completely forgotten about where the money was kept and could not found after extensive search.

Below is the conversation with the Higher Self (HS) during a QHHT Hypnosis session about finding the lost money:
A: Where is the money? Can you help Drew find that?
HS: It is in a book.

A: Which book is that?
HS: Drew has a library. It’s a diary.

A: What is the color of that diary?
HS: Brown.

A: Is all the money in that diary?
HS: Yes.

A: Where it is placed?
HS: Drew has in a box.

A: Where that box is placed?
HS: In the basement.

A: Can you show Drew that box, and where it is placed? So Drew go home and can find the money.
HS: Yes
A: Thank you so much.

* Name and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of the individual.