Emotional Trauma

Emotional Trauma Gets Stored in the Body

The QHHT client was dealing with the emotional trauma from this life and the past lives. The Higher Self shared the wisdom below when removing the trauma from her body.

HS: Trauma gets stored in the body so we are using much much much higher frequency, and the frequencies are like Pac Man, gobbling up the traumas. A lot of it is stored in her heart. She used to be very angry and rightly so. Because she was different but she did not understand that her difference was her power. She could have been born very extraverted very popular and the perfect cover girl body and all that, but you know she is given the body she has because we didn’t want her to be distracted. She would be distracted by you know make up and clothing and being a model or going to meet friends and bars and you know just the very very heavy 3D and we didn’t want that for her. In fact that was her agreement to not get caught up in 3D. So, she was programmed for this lifetime to be very differently. At this point she can barely speak in 3D language. She is very different. She sees it as a struggle but it is actually her mastery and her power. She doesn’t stress much and she really doesn’t. She doesn’t get caught up in the 3D world.

* Name and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of the individual.