Past Life as a Fish, Talking to Big Old Turtle, and Answers from Higher Self – Part 3

This is the final part of the Past Life explored during a QHHT Quantum Healing session. Client’s Subconscious / Higher-Self chose for her to see her life as a small fish in the ocean. This ocean was in a world long time ago which now does not exist.

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A: So, what other creatures you talk to?
C: There is the family that’s like me. Everybody just likes to go on explorer! And do things.

A: They are not together?
C: We don’t tend to go out together. Everybody kind of goes and does their thing and then we come back home.

A: What do you do when you’re together at home?
C: Nothing really, just being there together.

A: Do you talk to each other? Like, communicate to each other?
C: Yeah! Just all the…you know…where we’ve been. So we are all busy exploring different parts. It seems like I don’t like to go to….that seems like they go to places that I don’t go to….I don’t like to go too far away. But then you know, with all the things the mermaids are telling me… there is a part that wants to go and check out those things, but I can’t… because you know I’m not able to.

A: So what other creatures you talked to?
C: There is some kind of BIG turtle… like sea turtle or tortoise I guess I don’t know what you would call it…it is kind of like that. And that is someone that I regularly see.

A: How old is he?
C: Feels like THOUSANDS of years old… feels like really old.

A: What you talk to him about?
C: He talks about all the changes that he sees.

A: What changes he sees?
C: Well, he says… so he is the one that says that those singing creatures aren’t from here…like that they came… you know because he remembers the love being there. He talks about things… like what he remembers in the beginning about… how it was different. And he is talking about change is going to happen…that he can feel it.

A: Does he tell what kind of changes that are going to happen?
C: Yeah. It is not good. What he said is that all of these things are going to disappear. Then there is not going to be any of it left.

A: Why he thinks like that?
C: Because he says he can see, he knows. And he knows that this is coming. (after the session client told that the turtle talked with authority and as if it knows all….as if saying I am the time)

A: He says coming soon or after many years?
C: He said it is coming sooner than we think.

A: Is there anything else important that you notice, and you want to tell me?
C: It feels like the singing stopped.

A: Do you know why singing stopped?
B: I don’t know what…. it feels like something…something that is gonna happen. And I am hearing things, it is not from inside the water though… so it is hard to hear what I’m hearing…I don’t know, it doesn’t feel good.

A: Sounds are coming from above the water?
C: Yeah.

A: What do you want to do? Do you want to go home or somewhere else?
C: I wanna go somewhere else. I don’t even wanna be… I don’t know. It is just this feeling of like something bad is gonna happen.

At this point she felt anxious, I moved her forward to an important day to explore what happened next. She leapfrogged to another lifetime instead. Later during the session, her Subconscious (SC) explained about the life in ocean, significance of seeing singing creatures and mermaids, and how this all relates to her current life. Below is the conversation with SC:

A: Why did you show this lifetime to her?
SC: I want to show her the world that was before and that is not anymore. To understand the moment…when you are in it. And when you do it feels that things are going to end. And to just enjoy the moment. Because that world is just no more, and does not exist anymore….but it once was. And there was a world of possibilities…and things…which we can understand now….but it was possible and it did exist. And it is important. It is important for her to understand that.

A: She saw there some creatures who were singing some special music. What is the significance of that?
SC: All the creatures did not come from this world. Nor does she. They speak the truth, they sing the truth…and she felt drawn to that. I want her to understand that she hears the truth to tap into the same feeling that, that music brought up.

A: She also saw the mermaids who told her the stories of places she has not seen. What is the significance of that?
SC: She is able to see them without seeing. She has the capacity to see things…but she doesn’t see them with physical eyes. And to understand.

A: She sensed there that something bad is going to happen. Why she had to feel like that?
SC: To pay attention. Pay attention to those sings. And to know, there is so much doubt at times. And so many questions. And when she knows, she understand that, and listen.

A: What does that lifetime has to do with her life now?
SC: She is still seeking her tribe. And she must not stop. They are out there. Her people. Her tribe. She needs to be opened…to the opportunities. She needs to place herself in those moments. She needs to push herself a little more to be out there.

This client was at a turning point in her life. I trust that she was able to comprehend these answers from SC and relate the experience of that past life to the current life at her own pace.

Thank you for reading.
Love and Peace.

* Name and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of the individual.