Singing Creatures

Past Life as a Fish and Seeing Singing Creatures – Part 1

This interesting past life story is part of a QHHT Quantum Healing session. Client let go of the conscious mind and went into deep trance. She described her experiences during the trance in detail. Her Subconscious / Higher-Self chose for her to see her life as a small fish in the ocean. This ocean was in a world long time ago which now does not exist.
Part 1: During this past life as a fish, she observed a group of creatures who were strangers in the ocean, they sang very beautifully. She drew this sketch after the session to describe what those creatures (somewhat) looked like.

A: What do you see down there below you?
C: it’s like underwater.

A: Are you swimming?
C: um hmm (yes)

A: Do you have a body?
C: I’m not a person. I don’t know, there’s all kinds of creatures around me. I thought I saw a mermaid before.

A: Can you look at your body?
C: Ah…l I think I’m a fish!

A: Are you a big fish or a small fish?
C: Smaller.

A: Are you by yourself or there is someone with you?
C: There’s all kinds of things around me. Things that I don’t even recognize anyone… I don’t even know what they are. I keep hearing music, almost like singing.

A: Where is the music sound coming from, do you know that?
C: I don’t know but it’s weird it’s underwater though.

A: What is the colour of your body and your fins?
C: Stripes, like black and brown and white.

A: Do you have a name
C: No

A: Do you have a family?
C: Somewhere.

A: So, what are you doing there, you just swimming around, or you are going to a specific place?
C: I’m just swimming.

A: How do you feel being there?
C: Good, it feels like it’s something that we do regularly.

A: That’s very good. Do you want to swim to somewhere?
C: I am going to the singing.

A: Yes, let’s go there. Is that just the music or someone is also singing?
C: Someone is singing…more than one like… it is like at chorus.

A: Nice. Are you there now?
C: I’m getting closer, it is getting louder.

A: Can you hear what they are singing?
C: No, it is not like it is words, it is more just like the noise.

A: Do you like that music?
C: Yeah, it sounds really like almost haunting. It is like you know almost… like almost…. (Client told after coming out of hypnosis that the it was a beautiful sound coming deep out of their heart and attracting everyone)

A: Are you there now?
C: It is not quite a cave, but it is like a reef or something. Like you have to swim into it, but it is bigger, so it is darker in there. I can hear it.

A: Do you want to go inside?
C: Yeah, I’m swimming in there. It is getting louder. Oh… and then it opened up and it is like more space and higher, like somehow it feels like there is more light. Oh, it is coming from…. so I don’t… I have no idea what they are. There are some kind of creatures and they are the ones that are singing.

A: What they look like?
C: I don’t even know how to describe them. They are like, as they have some… almost human features in terms of their face, but then they’ve got like sort of fins and gills on the side of their face. And like just stuff… like hair things kind of coming out of it, and it’s all just flowing… almost like sea-weedy kind of but not seaweed… but something I don’t know what it is just all you know, moving around in the water. Their bodies are like scaly and reptilian almost at the same time. I have no idea what they are.

A: Is that a happy music?
C: That’s beautiful!

A: Are they friendly creatures?
C: They seem like, I don’t know about friendly… it’s like everybody and all the creatures are around them …and it is almost like they look really special. So, they are not unfriendly but… it’s like they are all interacting by themselves… but they don’t really interact so much…they are just there singing.

A: Are there other creatures to listen to their music?
C: Yeah. There are some mermaids there… and then there’s just other fish… and then other things I don’t recognize… and there are some things that I do… like anemones and things like jellyfish.

A: So, you are there now, what do you want to do next? Do you want to go somewhere or just sit there?
C: I just want to listen to it until they’re finished.

A: Do you know why they are special creatures? Did they come from somewhere else?
C: So, there is only… they are the only ones, that are like that in the water. They are like… so everybody is in there all because we know, that they are special, that they are not from here.

Part 2: Past Life as a Fish and Talking to Mermaids
Part 3: Past Life as a Fish, Talking to Big Old Turtle, and Answers from Higher Self

* Name and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of the individual.